Admissions Information

Admission to the Anglican Divinity School is on a rolling, open enrollment basis. Each enrolling student is assigned a mentor who is available to guide and assist them through their Seminary Experience. Enrolling students must have a bachelor’s degree.  Credit may be given toward the B. Div. for life experience.

Students without a degree or equivalent experience must first complete the Bachelor of Divinity Program offered by ADS.

It is understood that neither enrollment in nor graduation from the Anglican Divinity School constitute an agreement or guarantee of Ordination in the Universal Anglican Church. Application for Holy Orders in the UAC is a separate process, and the student is invited to explore the UAC website for more information.

Evaluation of Work

Evaluation of coursework at the Anglican Divinity School is done through a combination of written work, written examinations, and a comprehensive oral examination at the end of the program. We believe strongly that any student requiring adaptations to meet their learning needs are entitled to those adaptations. Please consult with your mentor regarding your needs! Above all, please know that we exist to help you succeed, and to prepare you for ministry and service to God and God’s people.

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