From the Desk of the Chancellor:

bishop craig

Welcome to the Anglican Divinity School, a seminary of the Universal Anglican Church. We invite you to explore our website and make inquiry regarding admission by email: ADS Admissions.

We are a seminary unlike other seminaries, which seek to prepare women and men for ministry in a fairly traditional setting and, in our opinion, do a rather poor job of preparing students to function in today’s reality. Today’s reality is that less that 20% of Americans attend worship on a weekly basis, and that 20% has as its majority members of conservative religious traditions. Among moderate to progressive Christians, the figures seem to show that under 10% of us are in Church on Sunday. As you might imagine, traditional approaches that prepare students only to lead worship on Sunday morning are missing the reality of contemporary society.

Ministry today requires a sound backing in theology to ensure that priests and deacons are able to articulate the theology that lies behind their ministry, to develop programming and rituals that reflect the reality of their constituents’ lives, and to both have a full prayer life and the ability to teach others to pray. A brief conversation with a graduate from a traditional seminary will reveal that these are not the subjects taught in those institutions.

As you examine our curriculum you will notice that it reflects the spirituality of contemporary people. While we value Church history, we believe we are on the cutting edge of the birth of a new spirituality, a new Christianity, that will so transform the spiritual landscape that spending a great deal of time on the history of Christianity to the exclusion of the future of the same will ill prepare us from ministry in a contemporary context.

ADS grants both Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity Degrees to its graduates. Beginning in September of 2010, we will be offering a D. Min. program as well. If you are a member of a jurisdiction, please check with the Bishop of your jurisdiction prior to enrolling in ADS to ensure that your degree will be accepted by your tradition.

The Universal Anglican Church also offers an L.Th. certificate for candidates for ordination in the UAC who do not desire an M.Div at this time. The L.Th. program is not currently offered for students from outside the Universal Anglican Church as it is designed to prepare students for ministry within the UAC only.

We wish you the best in your studies and ministry!

God’s Peace,

The Most Rev. Dr. Craig Bergland, EFR
Presiding Bishop of the Universal Anglican Church

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